22nd April 2022

Netflix monthly subscription costs increasing this month

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In January 2021, we advised you that Netflix was increasing its subscription prices.

Well, just over a year later, they are increasing again.

It may not be a surprise that the company recently announced that, for the first time, thousands of people in the UK have unsubscribed. The possible cause of this could be the current cost of living emergency, as people take a closer look at their financial situation and find ways to reduce their outgoing payments.   

Now’s the time to check what plan you have and whether you actually need it. The monthly costs are increasing as set out below:

  • Basic plan £6.99 p/m (£83.88 per year)

- increased from £5.99 (no increase in 2021)

  • Standard plan £10.99 p/m (131.88 per year)

- increased from £9.99 (a £2 p/m or 23% increase in 15 months)

  • Premium plan £15.99 (£191.88 per year)

- increased from £13.99 (a £4 p/m or 34% increase in 15 months)


The higher the cost the more options available to you e.g. more screens can view at the same time and HD or ultra HD.

By switching your plan you could save up to £108 this year. It’s easy to change, simply:

  • Log in to your Netflix account and go to ‘Plan Details’.
  • In the ‘Change plan’ option, select the plan you want.
  • Click ‘Continue’ and ‘Confirm’

Your plan will be changed immediately but we suggest you do this as close to the next billing date as possible because you won’t get any money back – you’ll simply pay less the next time you’re billed.