17th June 2024

Jersey Consumer Council seeking new Council Members and other volunteers

Consumer Tips

Are you passionate about consumer affairs in Jersey?

If so, the Jersey Consumer Council is expanding its membership and is looking for Islanders of all ages to join its successful, driven and friendly team, to help improve the lives of consumers in the Island.

From price checking and researching products to feeding back on new Government policy and helping consumers with everyday issues, the roles is as varied as it is rewarding. 

We’re hoping to attract applications to join our team of volunteer Council Members from Islanders with a variety of skills, including secretarial, digital, administrative, and social media, among others.

Applications are being accepted from people of all ages who reside in Jersey, and we’re especially keen to welcome applications from any Islanders in their 20s and 30s, which is an area currently under-represented on the Council.

In addition to searching for new Council Members, we’re also looking to recruit a team of separate volunteers who will help, when required, with research, data gathering and special projects – effectively acting as the eyes and ears of the Council.

Ideally applicants should be living in Jersey, so that they have some knowledge about consumer issues on the island. 

What you need to do

To apply to either join our Council, or our new team of volunteers, please include a covering letter – indicating whether you wish to join the Council or our new team of separate volunteers, or whether you’d consider either role – explaining a little about yourself and why you wish to join the Jersey Consumer Council. Please also include a brief CV, and answers to the following questions:

  1. Why do you want to join/volunteer on behalf of the Jersey Consumer Council?
  2. What are the three biggest issues facing consumers today?
  3. Choose one of the above and briefly explain how you would help tackle this?
  4. Do you have an example of when you have challenged a retailer or service provider, either on your own or someone else’s behalf, and what was the outcome?
  5. Approximately how many hours a month do you think you may be able to commit to helping the Consumer Council?
  6. Are there any other skills you have which you think will be of benefit to the role, to the Council or to Consumers in Jersey?

Please submit your application to contact@consumercouncil.je