20th October 2023

Compensation for Gas Customers

At Home

The Jersey Consumer Council welcomes Island Energy’s announcement that it will be compensating Islanders for the lack of gas service this month.

It follows our calls for the gas provider to act responsibly and fairly to its customers in terms of compensation, and take on board the guidance and advice it would be operating under if it was regulated by the UK energy watchdog Ofgem.

The full details of the compensation are yet to be revealed but it seems there will be a difference in compensation for business owners (made on a case by case basis) and for domestic gas customers. Ofgem states that £60 per day after the first 24 hours of a loss of service is reasonable compensation, so the Consumer Council will be watching with interest what the final offer to customers will be.

 Speaking to the local media, Jo Cox, CEO of Island Energy, said:

"We are very sorry for the continuing disruption a small number of customers are facing, but can confirm that the majority of our customers are now fully restored.

"We are fully aware of the disruption of supply that all our customers have had to deal with over the last week or so and we sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused."

Regarding compensation, Mrs Cox added: "We will be getting communication out next week with details of our plans – exact amounts have yet to be calculated but when we have been able to confirm what we can do, the payment will most likely be automatically applied to customers’ accounts."

You can read more about it on the Island Energy website: Payments for customers following gas supply disruption (islandenergy.je)