8th July 2024

Changes to driving licence requirements in Jersey

Consumer Tips

Are you aware of the coming changes to driving licence requirements in Jersey?

From 5 October, the requirements and standards for driving licences will change.

The changes will be:

  • two licence groups
  • medical requirements and submition of medical certificates depending on the licence group and catagory
  • the licence validity period depending on the licence group
  • your parish will be be able to ask you to take a practical driving assessment and put conditions on your driving licence

These changes will bring the Jersey standards and requirements for driving licences similar to the UK and the EU.

Most standard drivers will fall into Group 1 and for this group there is little change; a medical certificate will only be required if a relevant condition is declared to your Parish.

Vision standards have been enhanced for both Group 1 and 2 categories to include peripheral vision and an updated acuity test. Diabetes, epilepsy, and seizure standards have also been updated which will now allow more people to hold a Group 2 category licence.

Those who passed their driving test in or before 1997 may have categories C1 or D1 on their licences which, following the change, will mean that they are holders of a Group 2 licence. If they do not need their Group 2 categories, they can relinquish them, and have five years in which to have them reinstated, if desired.

Group 2 licences will be required to have two more medicals in their lifetime. Currently Group 2 licence holders have medicals at 45, 55 and 65 years of age, following the changes they will also need a medical at 50 and 60.

If a driver has any concerns with health issues which may affect their driving, then they should consult their GP.

To find out more about the changes and what they will mean for you, visit the DVS information page on Gov.je: 

Medical standards for driving licences (gov.je)