• Travel Insurance

    Jet-setting can carry risks and it’s important to be protected against any mishaps you may face whilst travelling. From medical expenses to cancellation cover travel insurance is important regardless of how long the holiday may be.

    Follow our top tips for travel insurance:

    • Make sure that the medical cover is adequate – to help pay medical bills £2 million medical cover is advised by Which for just Europe and £5 million for worldwide
    • Cover your gadgets – you may need to extend your home insurance to cover as single items on your travel policy may only be covered for £250
    • Missed flights and missed connections. Ensure this includes the Channel Islands
    • Check the cancellation provisions – how much are you covered for in the event of the holiday being cancelled by unexpected events such as illness.
    • A good travel insurance policy should provide cover for illness, injury or death and repatriation
    • Check that the policy covers:
      • Liability for accidents involving others
      • The airline going out of business
      • Natural disasters, natural events such as volcanic ash clouds and severe weather
      • Political instability
      • Security risks
    • 7. You must declare pre-existing medical conditions as otherwise your cover will be voided
    • 8. Check what counts as Europe or Worldwide when booking your insurance
    • 9. If you need cover for risky activities, you must declare this
    • 10. You may be better to buy an annual policy rather than single trip cover, dependant on the nature of your trip
    • 11. Read the small print. Always check what isn’t covered