• Do you want to compare different grocery prices in one place easily?

    Welcome to the Jersey Consumer Council’s price comparison app which launches today.

    After months of preparation, we’re delighted to bring you a place where you can easily find and compare the cost of groceries across the six major supermarkets in Jersey.

    To make the information accessible to as many Islanders as possible, there is a free IOS and Android friendly downloadable app, and for those without smart phones it’s available in the ‘Price Watch’ section of the consumercouncil.je website. The app can also be downloaded straight from our website.

    Screenshot of the app dashboard

    The financial impact of the pandemic and looming threat Brexit may have on our supply chains, means it has come to fruition at just the right time.

    Our Chairman, Carl Walker, said: ‘Despite the many diverse and intricate matters we help Islanders with each year, the one thing that really motivates consumers to contact us is the price of their everyday goods.
    It has been a long-term ambition and commitment in my tenure as chairman to deliver a robust, accessible and independent price comparison service for Jersey. Hopefully, this is just the start and, with the right resources, will grow into a full price comparison service. This will not only enable consumers to make informed choices about their shopping but also encourage greater competition and drive prices down.’

    He added that ‘consumers can also be reassured that the Consumer Council is monitoring prices and will not be afraid to question any sudden or dramatic price rises.’’

    Each week our volunteer members collect the prices of products from the below major food outlets:
    – Alliance Tesco, Sand Street, St Helier
    – CO-OP, Grande Marche, St Helier
    – Iceland, Les Quennevais Precinct, St Brelade
    – M&S, King Street, St Helier
    – Morrisons Daily, Millbrook, St Lawrence
    – Waitrose, Rue des Pres, St Saviour

    However, compiling the list does not come without its challenges. The Chairman explained: ‘We are keen to provide a really valuable resource for Islanders that will, hopefully, make a difference to Islanders’ pockets and make supermarket pricing even more competitive. However, we are doing the best we can with a small team of volunteer Council members and a very complex – and often different-sized – range of goods across our supermarkets in Jersey. Therefore, when we are unable to compare an exact like-for-like price, we have applied common sense to solve the problem.’

    We hope that in time and with more resources, we can expand the service to include many more products, other store locations and become a trusted source of local price comparison, covering everything from food and fuel to building materials and electrical goods. In the future, we aim to publish back-dated prices that the members have collected since October 2019, enabling week-to-week, month-to-month and even year-to-year comparisons.  

    The price comparison service initially focuses on 43 shopping basket items, focussing on the cheapest available option, although some brands are also displayed. With Christmas approaching keep a lookout for festive products in the coming weeks.

    The dashboard has a specific tab called ‘JCC Essentials’ which includes 14 core items most households will buy, such as bread, eggs and toilet rolls.

    It’s simple to use and only requires your name, email address and mobile number to create an account. There is a ‘Contact Us’ option where you can contact the app developers, ESH Solutions Limited with any technical difficulties or us at the Consumer Council with any price related enquiries.


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