• How will you spend your £100?

    The ‘spend local’ card will arrive on your doorstep from Wednesday, 9th September.

    The Government will send one to the home address of every eligible Islander, children included. It is an initiative which saw the Government put aside £11m with the intention to boost the local economy following the impact of COVID on many local businesses and Islanders. Having been invited to suggest ways of to improve consumer confidence and the economy, we proposed several ideas, one of which was a Government-funded voucher scheme to help both businesses and consumers in the Island. We’re delighted the idea was taken forward by the Council of Ministers and to see it come to fruition.

    The aim is to encourage Islanders to get out and support local businesses, improving consumer confidence and boosting the economy. The hope is that Islanders will treat themselves, rather than spending it on the weekly food shop. Yet is accepted that many Islanders struggling on low incomes may indeed use it for this purpose.

    No matter where you spend it in Jersey, the money will help the economy, by boosting businesses’ income and helping to keep staff in jobs.

    Here are some hints and tips:

    • It must be used by 23:59 on 31st October.
    • It needs to be activated before it can be used.
    • Keep your card as there is a possibility of a top up at a later date.
    • The £100 is being put on a pre-paid Mastercard, so it must be used in establishments that accept Mastercard.
    • You can spend it all in one go or at various businesses, as the balance will reduce as you spend it.
    • It can put towards items valued higher than £100 e.g. a TV
    • Any balance left on the card after 31st October will be returned to the Government.
    • It can be used to purchase items in person or over the phone, particularly helpful to those who might be shielding or in isolation.
    • Another person can help young children and anyone having difficulty using the card.
    • It cannot be spent online or on gambling.
    • It cannot be used for Government services such us tax or social security payments.

    If you haven’t already, now’s the time to get thinking about how you might spend your £100. Here are some ideas:

    • a meal out
    • an overnight staycation
    • fun or educational toys for the kids
    • some TLC like a haircut, massage or pedicure
    • a new handbag and shoes or a new shirt and pair of trousers
    • an experience like coasteering, rib trips or aerial trekking
    • a games console or PC
    • a new bike or exercise gear
    • gym or club membership
    • new kitchenware or something else for the home
    • a garden shed or DIY tools
    • a service or valet for your car
    • buy fresh local ingredients and have a ‘date night’ at home
    • and don’t forget to spoil your pets too
    • help charities – buy things they may need or buy something and donate it to a charity raffle

    However and wherever you chose to spend it, you should expect to receive excellent customer service. This is the time for businesses to show you why they deserve your support and not take the £100 spend for granted.


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