Money FAQ

Reach out to an advisor if you are concerned about making the correct financial decisions. Advisors can help prioritise financial goals and show clients the bigger picture. 

The Channel Islands Financial Ombudsman (CIFO) deal with escalated complaints between clients and businesses in areas such as banking, lending, money services and insurance. 

A credit score is a numeric rating used to assess borrower risk when making money lending decisions.

Investing means putting your money into a venture, such as a company or property, so that your money can make more money.

A budget is a basic understanding of how much money you’re spending versus your earnings. It is important to track your spending to ensure you do not overspend and have savings for any potential emergencies.

Experts have suggested that you should save about 10% of your income for emergencies or future investments. However, regardless of how much money it is possible to save based on your income, it is important to maintain a good understanding of your spending.