Home Life FAQ

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This will be based on your personal circumstances. You may wish to speak to a mortgage advisor to discover how much you can afford each month for your mortagage and insurance costs.

Jersey Citizens Advice Bureau can offer independant and impartial advice if you wish to raise a complaint against a tradesman. If the case progresses, you may be required to file a claim in the Petty Debts Court.

It is important to reduce your water and electricity usage both to help the environment and to reduce your bill costs.

Since 2015, the mydeposits scheme has helped protect tenants’ deposits. Landlords are required to send deposits to mydeposits for protection, until such time as the tenancy ends. 

Anyone who owns assets in Jersey should consider making a will to deal with their assets upon their death. If they do not, their assets will be frozen, and remain frozen, until the person entitled to administer the estate is identified and probate is obtained.

It is a factual document prepared at the beginning of a tenancy to reflect the condition of the rental property at the time the tenancy agreement is signed.